Our History

We are blessed with a rich history dating back to 1958, when the company was founded in Greencastle by Alan Stanley.  Upon Mr. Stanley’s retirement in 1995, the firm transformed into today’s Civil Engineering Consultants, Inc. (CECon) under the leadership of Garth Hughes. In 2011, Mr. Hughes was joined by Jessica Hartman as a partner, providing additional leadership and expertise to serve CECon’s diverse client base. Through over 50 years of development, CECon has provided a variety of services to a wide range of clients. Being situated in a growing community has afforded us the opportunity to remain diverse in our practice. We remain true to our heritage by serving both the public and private sector, with an emphasis on public service and concern for our community.

How We See Things
Our Clients

You are the most important company asset and we are committed to serving your needs by providing cost-effective and innovative professional services.

Our Staff

CECon's most important and valued resource is our trained and experienced professional, technical, and support staff.  We encourage and support our employees’ continued personal and professional growth by providing a work environment dedicated to their wellness and overall happiness.     

Our Projects

They are performed using the highest standards in the practice of engineering with emphasis on honest and ethical practices, quality, integrity, costs, responsiveness and timeliness.

Our Heart

We are dedicated to our community and will remain a steadfast participant in public service activities with a concern for the health and welfare of the community.

Our vision to achieve a sustainable business in the practice of civil engineering is guided by these principles.